finalquestions - 1 Which of the following was a gift which...

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1. Which of the following was a gift which Ibn Saud received from President Franklin  Roosevelt? A. a yacht B. A Rolls Royce  limousine C. his extra wheelchair D. A Cadillac limousine E. Perfume Points Earned: 1/1 Your Response: C 2. Aramco originally consisted of Socal and Texaco. What other companies ended up being a part of  this 4 company combination? Please choose two answers!! A. Anglo-Iranian B. Shell C. Socony-Vacuum D. SO of New  Jersey Points Earned: 2/2 Your Response: C, D 3. Europe's dependence on foreign oil, during the 1950s, shifted from the Western Hemisphere to the  Middle East partially because of what? A. the Tapline B. none of the other choices C. the invention of super tankers capable of transporting large quanities of oil inexpensivly D. the appeasement of "old mossy" E. the Western Hemisphere reaching a peak in oil production Points Earned: 1/1 Your Response: A 4. What facilitated the 50-50 agreement between Saudi Arabia and Aramco? A. American strategic interest to keep the Soviet Union out of the Middle East B. the U.S. foreign tax credit C. all of the other choices D. the Venezuelan oil agreement of 1943 Points Earned: 1/1
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C 5. Why did the Americans mistrust the British concerning Middle East oil supplies? A. None of the other choices B. Harold Ickes had intelligence that the British were intending to take over oil concessions in  Kuwait C. The Persian Gulf was traditionally a British sphere of influence D. The British were secretly plotting to take over the Saudi oil concession E. The British were aligned with the French to take over Middle Eastern oil supplies Points Earned: 1/1 Your Response: C 6. The shifting of the center of gravity in the oil industry, according to DeGoyler, alluded to what? A. The emergence of the petroleum wars in the Middle East B. The Middle East becoming the center of the world oil industry C. Russia emerging as a major world producer of oil within the next 15 years D. None of the other choices E. The Gulf of Mexico/Caribbean becoming the center Points Earned: 1/1 Your Response: B 7. How did the American oil companies balance commercial interests with cultural considerations? A. the oil companies did as they wanted, without regard to the laws or cultures of their host  country  B. all of the other choices C. the oil companies strictly adhered to the law and culture of the host government in all of their  business pursuits D. the oil companies were apathetic towards other cultures Points Earned: 1/1 Your Response: C 8. Which of the following did DeGoyler not  do? A.
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finalquestions - 1 Which of the following was a gift which...

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