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study guide test 2

study guide test 2 - Allocentric and Psychocentric Tourists...

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Allocentric and Psychocentric Tourists Allocentric tourists— Prefer non-touristy places New experiences Sense of discovery New and unusual destinations Usually fly High levels of activity Accommodations might include hotels, but are able to stay in more primitive lodging Enjoy meeting and dealing with local people of different cultures Pscyhocentric— Travel to more familiar destinations Touristy places Sun and sand places Relaxing vacations Fly or drive Rely heavily on tourist accommodations Each familiar foods Tour packages are popular What kinds of things can cause changes in someone’s being allocentric or pscychocentric? What are some places that might be more allocentric or more psychocentric? Accommodation and Food Types: Major resorts Hotels Guest Houses Bed n Breakfasts Motels Youth Hostels Campgrounds Timeshares What are the main issues surrounding timeshares? What are the basic theories/ideas about timeshares? Understand the unique characteristics of each of the above types of accommodations as we discussed in class. Food is a major attraction for tourists. There is a wide range of restaurants in destinations ranging from western fast foods to fancy restaurants.
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Ethnic foods are particularly popular among tourists. How have fast-food companies adapted to local conditions in other countries? Barriers to Travel Health constraints: Age Physical disabilities Special dietary needs Medical needs Pregnancy Psychological reasons: No desire to travel Phobias Fear of language parries Fear of flying Fear of meeting or mingling with new people, etc Family reasons: The house/pets/plants A family member who needs constant care Young children Political deterrents: War Passport and visa restrictions
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