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McDonald's Burger King Process Layout Equipment Staffing and Training Organizing Work Information Systems •microphone communication Product Design •sandwiches standardized •sanwiches personalized grill burger, toast buns, put on condiments, assemble sandwich broil burger, toast buns-->store> put on condiments, microwave •grill •bun carmelizer •deep-fryer •broiler and step-by-step sandwich- making process •'Henny-Penny' warming device •45 hourly crew members
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Unformatted text preview: Crew Bonus System most training done on-the-job w/ training course and 15-min. video 33 hourly workers employees given handbook for training 19 videos use grill slips employee on the 'bin' use 'backers' to help assemble orders uses sticker to know what food is employees in charge of different parts of the order screen-communication register display for order takers and cooks...
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