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ENGINEERING 1230 S TATICS I NSTRUCTOR : Dr. M. Liu, P.Eng., Department of Mechanical Engineering O FFICE H OURS : to be announced during the first week of class T EXTBOOK : Engineering Mechanics Statics (5 th Edn.) by A. Bedford and W. Fowler, Prentice Hall, 2008. T ENTATIVE T IMELINE * W K # T OPICS 1 Chap.1 Introduction : Newton’s laws, Units and conversion, Significant digits. 2 Chap.2 Vectors: Vectors, Rectangular components, Dot products, Cross products. 3 Chap.3 Forces: Forces, FBDs, Equilibrium, Force systems in 2D and 3D. 3/4 Chap.4 Systems of Forces and Moments: Moment scalar, Moment vector, Couple, Equivalent force system. 5/6/7 Chap.5 Objects in Equilibrium: 2D applications, 3D applications, 2-force and 3-force members, statically indeterminate objects. 6/7/8 Chap.6 Structures in Equilibrium: Trusses, The method of joints, The methods of sections, Space trusses, Frames. 8/9 Chap.9 Friction: Dry friction, Wedges, Applications of dry friction.
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