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Psychology 3050 NOTES

Psychology 3050 NOTES - Psychology 3050 Industrial and...

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Psychology 3050 Industrial and Organizational Psychology: the study of work behavior Focus on adult behavior in work settings o Involves the systematic discovery of new information Involves the application of scientific knowledge to workplace problems (professional function) o Draws heavily on the application of theories, concepts, and models developed in other domains of psychology (Social, experimental, and ind diff psychology) and other fields (Sociology, management, accounting) Scientist-practitioner model o A model or framework for education in an academic discipline based on an understanding the scientific principles and findings evidenced in the discipline and how the provide the bases for the professional practice I/O Psychology Approaches to solving work-related problems Goal o Design a system that benefits organizations and workers Strategy o Improve fit b/w workers and work requirements 3 traditional approaches to improving fit o Personnel Psychology (Industrial) Emphasis on measurement of individual differences and modifying worker characteristics to fit the work and the work environment Basic science of PP: develop models/theories of how jobs/people differ and how individual differences influence work outcomes, such as satisfaction and performance Applied science of PP: assessment and intervention services (Job analysis, PA. testing; design/ evaluation of selection programs and performance-management programs) Sometimes individual focused o Organizational psychology Emphasis on modifying the social environment to fit the workers needs Basic science of OP: develop models/ theories of motivation/satisfaction/leadership/etc and how these influence organizational effectiveness Applied science of OP: assessment and intervention services (organizational survey/ feedback and organizational development (OD)/re-engineering) More likely to do a pulse or organizational survey—organizational psychologist o Human factors Emphasis on modifying the work and the physical environment to fit worker limitations- very individual focused Concerned with the understanding of interactions among
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humans and other elements of a system, and the profession that applies theory, principles, data, and other methods to design in order to optimize human well-being and overall system performance What I/O psychologists do Explaining work behavior o Hypothesis testing and model building o Experimental studies- experiments important for IO because it shows cause and effect Describe organizational behavior and contextual influences o Performance assessment o Attitude assessment o Job-related KSAO assessment o Job analysis and Competency Modeling Change organizational behavior o Organizational interventions designed to change situational attributes o Training interventions designed to change personal attributes o Selection interventions designed to match people to positions
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Psychology 3050 NOTES - Psychology 3050 Industrial and...

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