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Charles Sims script analysis

Charles Sims script analysis - certainty or enuendo showing...

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Charles Sims Acting 1 Script analysis Given Circumstances Environmental Facts Mclean, Virginia USA during a hurricane so extremely rainy and windy. Date: November 22, 1983 Economically wealthy suburb of Washington DC Extremely political area of Virginia, living just blocks from the Kennedy household Socially upscale neighbor suburb in Virginia White collar religion, mostly Christian/Catholic Previous Action Fiance Lesly and sibling Marty met in New York now are coming home to introduce each other as their own significant other to be married. In the past Jackie-O and Marty have been in consensual incestual sex while Anthony knowing this has always felt left out dating back to childhood. Dialogue The choice of words that the author uses in this play are defiantly those of either of literal
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Unformatted text preview: certainty or enuendo showing that its hard to believe anything any of them are saying for the sole reason that everything can be taken a different way. Mrs Pascal is a character who doesn’t always understand what is going on but at times feels she need to pursue certain parental actions and never fully completes them like a normal parent. So her choice of words are always certain and mean exactly what she is meaning to say, its just they don’t always fully correlate to each other. While Jackie-O and Marty are both characters who strongly use enuendos, like their brother Anthony, but Anthony uses appropriate ennuendos while his siblings misuse these words. Moods Tone To reach for comfort that isn’t there...
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Charles Sims script analysis - certainty or enuendo showing...

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