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HDFS Lecture Notes - Chapter 1 8/27 The Study of Human Development helps us understand how individuals: make sense out of experiences. adapt to their environments. cope with challenges. develop from one period of life to the next. *Review Case Studies The Development Through Life Perspective -Human development is as individual as each person’s life story and is influenced by: -gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation. -physical abilities, disabilities, and. .. -historical and social contexts. But there are unique, common patterns of experience and meaning that give us a framework for studying this topic. Assumptions of the Text -growth occurs at every period of life. -individuals’ lives show continuity and change as they progress through time. (continuity-ex. luke, family, music) -we need to understand the whole person, because people function in an integ- rated manner. -behavior must be interpreted in the context of relevant settings/personal
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chap1lecture - HDFSLectureNotesChapter1 8/27

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