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HDFS Lecture Notes 9/10 DONT FORGET EXTRA CREDIT OPPT. Test 40 multiple choice 10 T/F On. ...... read through course assumptions, bolded terms -plasticity, pages 6 and 7 look at blue boxes, 8 and 9 on poverty conditions leading to poverty, define well paying blue collar jobs, single mothers, DONT worry about life ex- pectancy or longevity, Ch.2, don’t worry about pg. 18 or 19 on theories. pg.20 rational of psychosocial theory, people contribute to their own development, cul-
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Unformatted text preview: ture. whats a psychosocial stage, you dont need to know specifics, know what an epi-genetic principle is, pg.24 age graded expectations, teachable moments/sensitive peri-ods, what is a psychosocial crisis? conflict is necessary for growth, why? The central process answers?, read 30-32 for primary words ex. coping, behavior. Prime adaptive ego qualities, core pathologies. DONT READ pg. 36...
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