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Charles Sims Character Bio Anthony “But what about me? Can I play too???” Everyone knows this feeling whether you were the younger sibling vying for attention from your older brothers and sister, or if you were the older sibling annoyed beyond belief because of your younger brother crying to mom that you will not let him play with you. In the play The House of Yes, the two main characters are brother and sister, have a madly incestuous affair and Anthony is the younger brother hoping for a little attention. Anthony is the smooth operator that can woo almost any girl. So when it comes to his brothers fiancé, it seems like he has it in the bag. After finding out that his brother and sister have been having incestuous sex he is furious and enacts his plan for revenge. Anthony’s soul desire is to finally be better than Marty and Jackie-O. His will is to make love to Leslie to gain the upper hand and get back at Marty and Jackie-O for years of harassment neglect. He feels he
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