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Aug 25 - -Loricariidae suckermouth armored catfishes-684...

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Introduction What is a fish? -cold blooded -vertebrates -gills -primarily live in the water -remember marine mammals (whales, seals, and porpoises) are not fish Fish Diversity -most numerous vertebrates- 27,977 valid species, may be as many as 40,000 species -26,734 non-fish vertebrates; amphibians (~5,500), reptiles (~8000), birds (~10,000), mammals (~4,500) -of these fish species, 108 are jawless fishes (hagfishes and lampreys), 970 are cartilaginous sharks, skates, and rays, and the remaining 27,000 are bony fishes -of the 515 described families and 62 orders, the nine largest fish families contain ~33% of all species (8,302) Nine Largest Families -Cyprinidae-minnows-2,420 sp (mostly freshwater) -Gobiidae-gobies-1,950 sp (primarily marine; tend to be benthic) -Cichlidae-cichlids-1300 sp (mostly freshwater) -function similar to basses and sunfishes -Caracidae-characins-620 sp (tetras, piranha)
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Unformatted text preview: -Loricariidae- suckermouth armored catfishes-684 species (sucker fish, catfish)-combination of catfishes and minnow (in similarity)-Balitoridae – river loaches -590 species (freshwater)-groupers, red hind, harlequin bass, barred hamlet-all start their lives as females and end as males-Labridae- wrasses – 453 sp (marine)-harlequin wrasse yellowhead wrasse, bluehead wrasse-Scopaenidae- scorpionfishes- 418 sp (mostly marine) Offshore rockfish, banded lionfish, lionfish, reef stonefish, yellow-eye rockfish-66% of the species (~6,106) in the nine largest families are freshwater fishes, but only 43% of all species accur in freshwater-other fish facts:-64 families monotypic Size Diversity-least dater 27mm-dwarf pygmy goby< 15mm SL-Timmaton nanus , a goby, matures ar 8mm SL-whale sharks 21 m and 21 tons...
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Aug 25 - -Loricariidae suckermouth armored catfishes-684...

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