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Sept 15 - Skeleton Branchiocranium-Branchial arch series of...

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Skeleton – Branchiocranium -Branchial arch – series of cartilage bones that support the gills, gill rakers, and pharyngeal tooth patches Skeleton - Teeth -Jaws and pharyngeal bones may bear teeth -teeth are typically named after the bones that bear them -There are many different teeth-types -Canine – large conical teeth located at the corners of the mouth -Molariform – pavement-like crushing teeth, as in eagle rays -Incisor – large teeth with flattened cutting surfaces adapted for feeding on mollusks and crustaceans -Others: -Teeth fused into beaks (parrotfish) -Flattened triangular cutting teeth (sharks, parihana) -Pharyngeal teeth -Cardiform – fine, pointed teeth arranged as in a wool card (catfish, largemouth bass) -Villiform – small fine teeth, elongate, needle-like (gar, needlefish) Postcranial Skeleton -Notocord – primitive support structure characteristic of all chordates during some time during their life history -Simple longitudinal rod -Notocord in most adult fishes remains as intervertebral disks -Present in the adults of: sharks, rays, ratfishes (Class Chondrichthyes); lungfishes (infraclass Dipnoi); sturgeon (Acipenseridae); paddlefish (Polyodontidae); and the coelacanth ( Latimeria chalumnae ) -In paddlefish and sturgeon the notochord may be 3.5 meters in length and over 1 cm in diameter Vertebral Column -Vertebra arise and form around the notochord -Form from cartilaginous blocks called arcualia -Amphicelous vertebrae – typical fish vertebrae type
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Sept 15 - Skeleton Branchiocranium-Branchial arch series of...

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