Meaders Test 1 Review Key

Meaders Test 1 Review Key - SI: Thomas Stock Test 1 Review...

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Thomas Stock Test 1 Review for Political Science 1040.001 1. How does Lasswell define politics? Who gets what, when, and how 2. What is the social contract? Social contract is an agreement between citizens and the government, in which the governed give their consent to be governed. 3. What elements (freedoms) do we “assume” must be present in order to define a Democracy? A Democracy must always include freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to organize. If any of these freedoms is absent, there cannot be a Democracy. 4. Who said, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary”? James Madison 5. Who was Hobbes, and what did he think about government? Hobbes was a British philosopher. He believed that without government life would be “nasty, brutish, and short,” “a war of all against all.” He wrote the famous political work “The Leviathan” in which he states the idea of a social contract being necessary between people and government, as well as the necessity of a monarch. (The Leviathan represents the government) 6. What is the key difference between an aristocracy and an oligarchy? How are they similar? Give an example of each. In an aristocracy leaders are chosen by birthright, whereas in an oligarchy leaders are chosen by virtue of wealth, power, or membership in a certain political party. They are similar because both are considered to be government by the few. A good example of an aristocracy would be the Qin Dynasty of China, and a good example of an oligarchy would be Soviet Russia (opinion). 7. How did Aristotle define a Democracy? He defined a Democracy as “mob-rule.” 8. What type of Democracy (direct or representative) do we have in the United States? What model of Democracy? The United States is generally considered a republic, therefore being representative. Due to checks and balances and separation of powers the popular model of Democracy stands firmest here. 9.
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Meaders Test 1 Review Key - SI: Thomas Stock Test 1 Review...

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