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Foundations paper 5

Foundations paper 5 - Charles Sims Foundations assignment 5...

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Charles Sims Foundations assignment 5 Mar 2 nd , 2008 Foreword According To ball, a foreword is anything that arouses the audiences interest of things to come. In the play, She Talks to Beethoven , there are many forewords, that really do arouse the audiences interest in what the future of the play holds. The first foreword we become aware of is when another voice on the radio says, ”Mr. Alexander is still missing. Alexander travelled with fanon in Bilda. His wife, also American, the writer Suzanne Alexander, is recovering from an unspecified illness. It is known she was writing a play about Ludwig van Beethoven when she was stricken.” This instance kind of clues the audience into what might happen in the coming scenes. The audience almost gets the feeling that this information might insinuate that we will find Mr. Alexander later on or maybe that Mr. Alexander has been killed and we will figure out his murderer. This type of foreword puts the
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