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Operations Management is:The management of systems or processes that create goods and/or provide service includes total quality management, worker involvement global competion and envirfomentla issures Value-added is the difference between the cost of inputs and the value or price of outputs. Product packages are a combination of goods and services. Product packages can make a company more competitive. :capacity, location, arrangement of departments,product and service planning, acquisition and placement of equipment System System design operation:personnel, inventory scheduling, project management,quality assurance patero80/20 Rule - 80% of problems are caused by 20% of the activities. Supply Chain : A sequence of activitiesAnd organizations involved in producing And delivering a good or service Technology i ncludes product, service, process and information Technology choices have a major effect on employee turnover lean production system-puts emphasis on quality, flexibility, and time reduction. on reducing a company's labor force. is involved in maintaining and improving the system with lower amounts of inventory. It uses small production batch sizes. DOES NOTuses safety stock to protect against uncertainty. Competiveness - How effectively an organization meets the wants and needs of customers relative to others that offer similar goods or services Organizations fail because Too much emphasis on short-term financial performance Failing to take advantage of strengths and opportunities Neglecting operations strategy Failing to recognize competitive threats Strategy : mission, mission statement, golas, strageies, tactics Order qualifiers :Characteristics that customers perceive as minimum standards of acceptability to be considered as a potential purchase
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