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Ali Buschel: Paper # 3 -- February 13, 2006 Penn State University Abington College HIS 021 Sec 002 American Civilization Since 1877 – Dr. Prushankin Issue 7: Did Yellow Journalism Cause the Spanish-American War? Presented in Taking Sides Scope of Debate: On the “yes” side, W.A. Swanberg feels that William Randolph Hearst, a very powerful man in the media, wrote false stories in his New York Journal and this stirred up controversy in the public eye and also caused President William McKinley to engage in a war against Spain. On the “no” side, David Nasaw, a scholar of history, argues that even if Hearst had not written anything at all, the United States would have still gone to war with Spain to free Cuba, “due to political, economic, and security reasons.” (143) Sources: Nasaw uses a wide variety of secondary sources to support his stance and Swanberg uses primary sources instead of unreliable information, rumor and innuendo. One of Nasaw’s secondary sources, an autobiography written by James Creelman, presents quotes from Hearst about a telegraph message stating that Hearst himself planned to furnish the war. Nasaw uses his own knowledge to disprove these quotes, stating that the telegrams to prove this conversation were never found. Nasaw uses the London Times as another secondary source, where Hearst states that the insinuation of him being in charge of the Spanish war was “clotted nonsense”. Nasaw uses ideas from author John Offner, another one of his secondary sources, to show that even if the
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3 - Ali Buschel Paper 3 Penn State University Abington...

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