Theatre Part 1 - The play, overall, means to me that...

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Kaitlin Martin Theatre 105 Part 1. A. The play, The Philadelphia , has a comic genre, but is also sarcastic. Al makes this play sarcastic by explaining to Mark that his mere “bad day” is because he is in Philadelphia. Al also explains that everyone has to be somewhere. The Philadelphia is realistic because it is about two men having lunch. Although, their sarcastic comedy is barely realistic. People do not talk to each other in opposite in order to get what they want because they are stuck in Philadelphia. The dramatic action of the play is that Mark is having a bad day and he is having a bad day because he is in Philadelphia. There is conflict in that Mark does not know how to deal with being in Philadelphia until Al tells him about it. Mark then realized he had to order what he wanted by saying the opposite. His conflict is resolved by successfully ordering a burger and beer from the waitress.
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Unformatted text preview: The play, overall, means to me that everyone is in their own worlds. While they are in their own worlds they have to figure out how to maneuver through it and they will eventually go to some place happier. I picked this play because I thought it sounded interesting. It also struck me as something different than the usual play. The Philadelphia makes you think, especially with the sarcasm. Overall, I liked the play because it made me think. I also feel as though the play can be interpreted differently by anyone who reads it. B. Marks main want in the play is that he wants to understand what is happening to him. Mark goes to meet Al for lunch and he learns from Al that his bad day has an answer. The answer to his want is he has to ride this bad day feeling out until one day he will be released from Philadelphia into a happier place....
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Theatre Part 1 - The play, overall, means to me that...

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