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Kaitlin Martin During chapter three and four Chang’s mother began school at the age of seven. The education was strictly ruled by the Japanese. Japanese was made the primary language, instead of Chinese, in school. Almost all of the teachers were Japanese. The teachers also used Japanese methods of hitting the boys and girls. She was taught by her teachers that one republic of China was good and the other was bad. The good republic was supportive of Japan. Chang’s mother was learning a perspective from the Japanese that Chinese culture is not accepted. The schools were an important tool for the Japanese to transmit their ideas and culture. Japanese newsreels of the war were showed in the classroom. This was done to instill fear within the students. These films showed Japanese soldiers cutting people in half and prisoners being eaten alive by dogs. The girls were not allowed to shut their eyes or scream while watching the films.
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Unformatted text preview: In 1942, the children were put to work in a textile factory. The local girls had to walk four miles each way. The Japanese were able to treat children and adolescents harshly because they were in their classroom, away from adults. Even the adults would bow to any Japanese. By 1945 the Japanese pray for the victory of Japan. The next day, Soviet and Mongolian troops entered their city. The school closed because of the many air-raid scares. While the school was closed Changs mother received private lessons. The Communists restored order and bettered the food situation. The schools also opened again and women could attend universities. Under the Japanese women were only allowed to complete high school and they were taught how to run a family. Changs mother soon realized her growing dissatisfaction with the Kuomintang. Her only other option was the join the Communists....
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