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wildswans1 - He soon learned that General Xue would be...

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Kaitlin Martin HD FS 239 In the summer of 1909, Chang’s grandmother was born. She was given the name Yu-fang. She was born into an unstable time, when the Manchu empire was on the downfall. During this time her father had only one way to move up in their society, and that was his own daughter. Yu- fang was considered to be a very attractive young lady. One of her greatest assets was her bound feet. This process was so unbearable that it lead her to pass out from the pain. I cannot imagine my mother telling me my future will be ruined if my feet were not bound. To successfully bind the feet the bones had to be broken. It must have been very hard for Yu-fang to accept that breaking her feet was the key to having agood life for herself. Yu-fang was very desirable to marry at the age of fifteen, but her father was worried that time was running out for her to marry an upper class man.
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Unformatted text preview: He soon learned that General Xue would be visiting their town, Yixian. Immediately, he figured out a sly plan to get the general to see his daughter. His plan was successful and General Xuedecided to take Yu-fang as one of his concubines. General Xuegave her all the luxuries and a home to herself, but he left for years at a time. Yu-fang was to wait for him to return and could not see any other men, even though they were not married. Concubines were for pleasure and could be discarded at will. This was a horrible fate for woman. Yu-fang wanted love and she did not receive this from General Xue. She was not respected by him, but had to give him all the respect and more that he did not deserve. She was very lonely and bored while the general was gone. During this time she realized she can get more to life, but her generation did not believe in such things as marrying for love....
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