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Experiment_3_Quiz - The bomb is immersed in 2L of water and...

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Experiment 3 – Resonance Energy of Naphthalene by Bomb Calorimetry Pre-Lab Quiz 1. Assuming the weight of the benzoic acid pellet used for combustion is 0.9112g, the volume of the Parr oxygen bomb is 0.350 L, and the bomb will be filled with oxygen to 30 atm at 25 0 C. Do we have enough oxygen for the combustion reaction? Estimate the final pressure in the bomb. (Hint – start with balancing the chemical equation of combustion for benzoic acid.) V = 0.350 L m = 0.9112g P = 30atm T= 25 0 C = 298.15K C 6 H 5 COOH + 8O 2 6CO2 + 6H 2 O (0.9112g) / (112.12 g/mol) = 0.008127 mol C 6 H 5 COOH PV = nRT n = PV/RT = (30atm)(0.350L)/(298.15 K)( 0.08205784) = .430 mol O 2 Yes we will have enough oxygen since it is no less than 8 times amount of moles of benzoic acid. 2. Water is used in two places in this experiment. How much water and for what is water used in these two places?
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Unformatted text preview: The bomb is immersed in 2L of water and it is used to absorb the heat produced upon combustion. Also 1.0 mL of distilled water is placed in the bottom of the bomb below the combustion pan. This is to saturate the atmosphere in the bomb with water vapor. 3. What will happen if the fuse wire touches the metal pan in the bomb? If the fuse wire touches the metal pan in the bomb then it will short out the bomb. 4. What is the definition of resonance energy? How do you calculate it? The definition of resonance energy is the gain in stability of the resonance hybrid over the most stable of the canonical structures. The resonance energy is responsible for the increase in stability of benzene in this lab. And it can be calculated by comparing the heat of combustion for the bonds involved in the reaction....
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