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1 Anna Larouche CIE100.Q Tuesday, August 26 th , 2008 What does it mean to be human? Gilgamesh -2/3 god, 1/3 man “Two thirds they made him god and one third man.” Page 61, paragraph 2 -Arrogant “…his arrogance has no bounds by day or night.” Page 62, paragraph 1 -Wants to be remembered, even if it means death “Then if I fall I leave behind me a name that endures; men will say of me, “Gilgamesh has fallen in fight with ferocious Humbaba.” Long after the children has been born in my house, they will say it, and remember.” Page 71, paragraph 2 -Courageous, willing to take on the impossible “How shall I answer them; shall I say I am afraid of Humbaba, I will sit at home for the rest of my days?” Page 74, paragraph 2 -Not easily swayed by women with dangerous pasts, even when they seduce him—perhaps he wills to be a bachelor? “..as far as making you my wife—that I will not.” Page 86, paragraph 2 -Loved Enkidu “…for seven days and seven nights he wept for Enkidu…” Page 96, paragraph 1 -After Enkidu dies, his own morality becomes painfully obvious “Enkidu my brother, whom I loved, the end of mortality has overtaken him. I wept for him seven days and nights till the worm fastened on him. Because of my brother I am afraid of death, because of my brother I stray through the wilderness and cannot rest.” Page 101, paragraph 3 Enkidu
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2 -Innocent, wild, created to be Gilgamesh’s equal “…his second self; stormy heart for stormy heart…” Page 62, paragraph 2, “He was innocent of mankind; he knew nothing of the cultivated land.” Page 63, paragraph 1
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