Ling HW 6 - Greg Narayan Linguistics 109 Wayne Harbert...

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Linguistics 109 Wayne Harbert Homework Assignment #6 April 2007 I. British and American English American Word British Equivalent License plate Number plate Backup lights Reversing light Camper Camper van Soccer field Football pitch Eraser Rubber Windshield Windscreen Flashlight Torch Bathrobe Dressing gown Tick-tac-toe Naughts and crosses Closet Wardrobe Play hookey Skive Rental car Hire a car For roughly half of the American words above (license plate, soccer field, eraser, windshield, flashlight, closet, and rental car) I was able find their British equivalents by asking my dad. My dad grew up in India until the age of 21, and thus became very familiar with British lingo and culture. For the rest, I used an online site which had several listings of British to American translations and vice versa. British Word American Equivalent Bangers and mash Sausage and mashed potatoes Bank holiday Public/legal holiday Drink mat Coasters Dustman Garbage collector Anorak Nerd Quid Pound sterling Quod Prison Quango Acronym standing for: Quasi-autonomous non-gumtal organization Surgery Dr.’s office
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Ling HW 6 - Greg Narayan Linguistics 109 Wayne Harbert...

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