Week10 - /-eJ's U oot i".t"44*' i,tl=.nal buthn4...

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/-eJ's U oot i"- /o,so .t"- 44*' i,tl=.nal s/rar buthn4 t (ert?cif, affraadbs L */v)a .l*-". a*rd ,'^le,/z/ ( Slnh* ,rot/*J Cofs \ t) Drail aL tr-BA o1 t/,e e*Ji.e ,#rro/ur. ) lbe enrc;l;briuyrt t' a, , n6**b_as + *lv" _A- snTy"if -eo-{innt ) Dtle"nirte AoU na-zy Cu*s afe_ ,,r. ./.J tu/_ ,rtLue 4f f**, J" plazed. aby;a,'sly t fot<- alaaye s-1"-* "nf nred;ry, af bar* *^. u*. 77".^t uyhrte ./4c.< ;sY a e.lo-ree in *lrz f,o*ht;l reyw*ht* *L J,rl-; b*.t"d l*J tr arL irJoroo/ p;*l /d *- n+aa+c-t', drL ;nh"*l snpprt rw*u-., aa- .//.'t>*/ lrt nrcl- l* -o/e. //(ab et +5 ,Lql-,t"c-o a-tl srr4L ,tJ;re^l;rroih.s1 Ee sure ,lt c# d,3+-;Ll"d /*/, A.r* a-d d-'a.lyu ? br*f f/". egcililriu-a aralysis. TLeL en*s *rot YJ" '.*l! at a-L;t* /- buhe,,s. >iu FEbs o{ l*. "*fra 4-ralyn 44,e exa;l,biu,c "{ fil* eu* FBbs b dnl=-^tn{ /(x) o-oJ ,q().
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alnh*r /'bl4*d &s; b;14"o*{"1 :l.n s ) E4o utit/,- ) Perlr-* cttp @ "t t/* Trevictts yrc"dr"= clL P tt(z-) , Vh=o) a-e not hte+aL ttta.--L) = o > !(*'=r)= | t ilLt=r^) v Vh=l\ uah'aa//a- ,tll+-- o)=o V(+=a) -- - P x Di(krer^a< in srtn i5 doe lo v &t-ve*hcrc t ,U(z=o\ t(/v=t\ O V(.v--o\ V(z=t) unlcrcsn- AQ-. t-) ttc<= t*) O V[z= ,-) V(*= 2) =P & d/- 4 4* = V/*) =7G) / Di{+cre*liat ePofia.\ ( fu €Fv e6ir;t.i,,- ) D;€€e,e**al eyz** 1 I C- z/ltz e6- /;L-,r*-) PT tlt ' 3) *lv.
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Week10 - /-eJ's U oot i&quot;.t&quot;44*' i,tl=.nal buthn4...

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