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PA History Class 2

PA History Class 2 - Peaceful period with the...

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PA History- Class 2 William Penn did not believe in pictures being painted of him (Quaker belief) *A famous picture depicts Penn as signing one treaty for the land of PA, while in reality  there      was over 12 treaties which dealt with the issue of land in PA Many original Pennsylvania colonies failed (disease, lack of food, clean water, warfare) 1771 History painter Benjamin West painted the famous scene where Penn is signing treaty  with the Indians in order to show the King of England what kind of “peaceful, positive” progress  was being made, even though this may not have been the case in the majority of the time.
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Unformatted text preview: Peaceful period with the Indians (1682-1755) William Penn’s original treaty land was quite small, but the purchases from the Indians grew in size as time continued Iroquois: 3 rd great war power in America Cornplanter: Indian chief who sold much of his land to the colonist at a low price; eventually he and his people got pushed further inland as the PA frontier expanded Pioneers were not peaceful as they were portrayed. They can be better described as conquerors by their actions....
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