Class 3 - 68 400lb William Printz became the lead of the...

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Class 3 New Sweden (refer to  for more detailed  info) Founded 40 years prior to William Penn founding Pennsylvania New Sweden settlement was not on the forefront of the ocean in order to avoid conflict with  other colonies. Gloria dei Church: Old church near Philadelphia (First Lutheran church) (Completed July 2  1700) Episcopal =Church w/Bishop (Church of England) Why did Swedes want colony? All Great countries had power, and there was money to be made with the resale of  exotic plants and commodities Peter Minuet (Leader of New Sweden, Dies on return trip to Sweden in Caribbean Many early colonies were disaster areas  Little food, bad water, disease, Indian conflict
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Unformatted text preview: 68 400lb William Printz became the lead of the New Sweden colony 1618- England made tremendous amounts of money from the sale of tobacco, sugar Printz ordered to try to get silk, furs, caviar and tobacco 1645- First grist mill built on Mill Creek Many exotic goods in new Sweden failed. Eventually turned into place where people settled for land/farms Dutch move into New Sweden in 1651 and have an increasing presence 1653- People start leaving Colony 1662- Printz daughter runs New Sweden after father and husband (fathers successor) leave for Sweden 1655- New Sweden invaded and surrendered to Dutch...
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Class 3 - 68 400lb William Printz became the lead of the...

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