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Information and Database Management Systems I (CIS 4301) (Spring 2008) Instructor: Dr. Markus Schneider TA: Ganesh Viswanathan Homework 1 Name: UFID Email Address: Pledge (Must be signed according to UF Honor Code) On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in doing this assignment. _______________________________________________Signature For scoring use only: Maximum Received Exercise 1 30 Exercise 2 30 Exercise 3 40 Total 100
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Exercise 1 (Knowledge Questions) [30 points] (a) Give a precise explanation of the following terms in your own words [10 points]: 1. Database management system The Database Management System is an all-purpose software system which supports the user in the definition, construction and manipulation of databases for different applications in an application-neutral and efficient manner. It is a set of programs for the management and access of data in the Database. It serves as a software level between the physical database and user. 2. Data independence When data is abstractly represented so that application programs can use the data independently in applications without knowing the basic structure of the data or the storage mechanism of the data. 3. Database Catalog The complete definition or description of the database structure and constraints are stored in the catalog. 4. Attribute Attribute is a property inherent in an entity or associated with that entity. A particular instance of an attribute is a value . For example, "FitzGerald Dupont " is one value of the attribute Name. 5. Transaction A transaction is a sequence of database commands that can only be executed as a whole or as a unit. (b) Briefly describe the different stages of database design. [5 points] Requirements Analysis Conceptual Design Logical Design Physical Design (c) What is a data model? Explain its importance in the development of a DBMS. [5 points] A Data Model offers facilities: – For the specification of data objects – For the specification of the relationship between data, and – For the specification of operations on data objects together with their semantics.
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HW1 Solution - Information and Database Management Systems...

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