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Experiment 4 Quiz - (a 115ºC and(b 95ºC 3 After...

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Experiment 4 – Solid-Liquid Phase Diagram of a Mixture Pre-Lab Quiz 1. Given the diagram below, what is the difference between the compositions of the solid and liquid at point g versus that at the eutectic point ( e )? Explain. 2. Refer to Figure-3 on page 4-6 in your lab manual. Given 0.628 moles of Phenacetin and 0.942 moles of Benzamide, find the phase(s) that the composite will be in at:
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Unformatted text preview: (a) 115ºC and (b) 95ºC. 3. After performing a similar experiment, a student’s plot of the liquidus temperature (K) versus x B produced the following line of best fit. Find ΔH fusion and T freezing of the compound studied. (Assume Raoult’s Law is obeyed.) T = -102.8x B + 273 4. What is the difference between break point and thermal arrest?...
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