Lecture 4 - Lecture #4 Drugs 3 categories of drugs: 1)...

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Lecture #4 Drugs 3 categories of drugs: 1) Depressants (downers) -anything that calms/slows body function or neural activity -e.g. heroin, alcohol 2) Stimulants (uppers) -anything that stimulates/quickens/excites neural activity or body function -e.g. cocaine, nicotine 3) Hallucinogens -anything that distorts perception - causes perception sensory images without sensory input -e.g. marijuana, LSD The effects on neurotransmitters of 5 drugs (heroin, cocaine, alcohol, nicotine, marijuana) 1. Heroin (depressant) -“Runners’ High” - pleasurable feeling from vigorous exercise, created by the release in the brain of endorphins (a peptide neurotransmitter) -controls the pain caused by overusing muscles -“Endorphins” = a contraction of “endogenous morphine” -they are the body’s natural morphine -chemically similar to the class of drugs called opiates (e.g. heroin, morphine) -Agonists - opposite of antagonists -fit into receptor sites and causes the same effect on the cell as the neurotransmitter would -Opiates are agonists for endorphins -they fit into the endorphin receptor sites and mimic their action -release from pain - bond to opioid receptor sites and produce pain-free, pleasurable feelings of endorphins -If you get addicted to heroin -the brain changes its release of endorphins; it will stop natural production of endorphins because it is getting them from an outside source -when you stop taking heroin, it causes withdrawal -it is very painful because you have little to no endorphins because your body stopped making them
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2. Cocaine (stimulant) -a different system than heroin - affects a different part of action potentials
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Lecture 4 - Lecture #4 Drugs 3 categories of drugs: 1)...

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