Lecture 5 - Lecture #5 The Brain -The Brain Stem -need it...

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Lecture #5 The Brain -The Brain Stem -need it to survive - it keeps you breathing, functioning -The brainstem is necessary for survival -the oldest part of the brain in evolutionary terms -contains several structures - we will talk about 3 -the Medulla (Medulla Oblongata) -at the base of the brainstem -controls heartbeat/respiration -the Reticular formation -“reticular” means “net-like” -a network of fibers that goes all through the brainstem -controls arousal -in evolutionary terms: controls the “fight or flight” response -the Thalamus -on the top of the brainstem -a sensory relay station - receives information from the senses and passes it onto the cortex -The Cerebellum -the “cauliflower thing” that extends from behind the brainstem -“cerebellum” means “little brain” - it looks like one -helps you maintain balance -guides/coordinates voluntary movements -The Limbic System -“limbus” means “border” - is the border between the brainstem and the cerebral cortex -the main thing it does: controls emotion -e.g. the amygdala - an almond shaped structure that controls the expression of fear and aggression -if you stimulate it in a cat, the cat will attack other cats -do abnormally aggressive people have abnormal amygdalas? -some evidence says yes -e.g. Julia - epileptic who had abnormal discharges from he amygdala - she stabbed a woman in a steakhouse who accidentally bumped into her - once the abnormal part of her amygdala was removed, she had no more aggressive outbursts
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-the hypothalamus -very small structure (size of kidney bean) but does a lot -controls aggression and fear -regulates body temperature -regulates the autonomic nervous system -regulates emotional drives (fear and rage) -controls other drives (e.g. thirst, hunger, sex.
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Lecture 5 - Lecture #5 The Brain -The Brain Stem -need it...

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