Gong 01 christmas gift exchange

Gong 01 christmas gift exchange - Leanna Gong, 47...

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Leanna Gong, 47 Electrical Engineer, Chinese Languages: English, Chinese Hermosa Beach, CA 4/2/08 Christmas Gift Exchange Our family partakes in a gift exchange during every Christmas celebration, on both my mother’s and father’s side. It is interesting to note the similarities that have arisen between the two exchanges. Both contain a set of rules and special items so complex that they could probably be considered rituals in most circles. The basic rules are as follows: each participant brings a wrapped gift and draws a number. The gifts are placed in the center of the room. Starting from number one, each participant then selects a gift to open. The next gift selector has the option of either stealing an open gift from somebody who has gone before him or opening a new gift. In the case where a person has their gift stolen, they then get to steal another’s gift or open a new gift from the center of the table. There are no “steal-backs;” that is, a person cannot steal the same gift back from the person who has just stolen it from him. In the case of popular gifts, many are stolen multiple times. However, the rule stands that the third owner of a given gift is granted immunity – he is the final owner of it. Here is the first difference arises. In the exchange on my father’s side the third thief of a gift get to keep it. Both gift exchanges also contain several special items.
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Gong 01 christmas gift exchange - Leanna Gong, 47...

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