Gong 19 New Year Hot Pot

Gong 19 New Year Hot Pot - Stone Chen, 78 Retired...

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Stone Chen, 78 Retired Mechanical Engineer, Chinese Languages: English, Chinese Torrance, CA 4/19/08 The Chinese New Year Hot Pot To celebrate Chinese New Year every year, we get together with our family and relatives and have a traditional Chinese hot pot dinner such as the one shown here on the right. A hot pot is simply a boiling pot of plain water; ingredients are put in the water, making a type of combination stew, broth and soup. Each person cooks his own ingredients in the boiling water, usually swishing the piece of food around until it is cooked, or simply submerging the food and taking it out when it is done. The food cooks quickly, each person gets to eat exactly what they want, and at the end of the event everyone is left with a rich, flavorful soup. Each family brings raw ingredients that he or she would like to cook in the hot pot. The most popular food choices are types of marinated meat, such as chicken, beef, fish, or shrimp. Vegetables such as cabbage or tofu are also used. Seasoning is provided by salt, soy sauce, onions, and often white pepper. Any type of hot pot will work, however since the hot pot is most usually placed on the dining table between the participants, an electrically heated pot is often most convenient. Often the host family provides other dishes, such as clear rice noodles or plain steamed white rice, which are meant to compliment the food from the hot pot.
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Gong 19 New Year Hot Pot - Stone Chen, 78 Retired...

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