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Gong 14 Full moon quad

Gong 14 Full moon quad - Amie Nguyen 19 Student Vietnamese...

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Amie Nguyen, 19 Student, Vietnamese Languages: English Carson, CA 4/2/08 Stanford - Full Moon on the Quad When incoming freshmen enter Stanford University, they are greeted with open arms. Everything is arrayed in order to make their transition as easy as possible. However, after a couple months, they are presented with an occasion which they may not be so comfortable with. Usually taking place around October, the “Full Moon on the Quad” event draws hundreds of participants. Freshman must wear name tags and line up in the quad. Upperclassmen who choose to participate then get to kiss them. Other activities may then ensue, though they are not condoned by the school, which for the most part chooses to look the other way with regards to this event. My girlfriend Amie told me this interesting tradition at Stanford University. She is from Southern California, Carson, in particular, and as such had no prior knowledge of this tradition before she enrolled in Stanford.
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