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Gong 12 Racial Joke driver

Gong 12 Racial Joke driver - Stephan Brown 19 Student...

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Stephan Brown, 19 Student, German Jewish Languages: English Escondido, CA 4/20/08 Racial Joke – Driver of Car A Black and a Mexican are in a car. Who’s driving? Answer: The police. My best friend from high school, Stephan Brown, told me this very racial joke. He grew up in Escondido, California, before moving to Hermosa Beach during his sophomore year in high school. We both entered Mira Costa High in Manhattan Beach as sophomores. Despite all this moving around, Stephan was relatively confident that he learned this joke while he was in grade school down in Escondido. A small town near San Diego, Escondido is, according to Stephan, marked by an overwhelmingly large Mexican immigrant population. One can speculate that racial tension developed between the Mexican population in the city and the Caucasians, who may have felt that they were being engulfed by the immigrants. It is possible that this tension gave rise to racially inspired jokes such as this one among the white community. With
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