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Gong 11 No hats - Alex Rios, 19 Student, Colombian...

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Alex Rios, 19 Student, Colombian Languages: English, Spanish Portland, OR 4/18/08 The Unspoken Rule: no Hats in Church It is unacceptable for anyone to wear a hat, or any type of head covering such as a hood or cloak, in church. Upon entering, all head coverings must be removed. My friend Alex told me this idea, much to my surprise. I had been raised in church, attending a Christian preschool, elementary school, middle school, and junior high. I had gone to church nearly every Sunday since I was born. And yet, I had never heard of this rule. Alex, born and raised in Portland, Oregon is Catholic. She was raised Catholic by her mother, though her father was a staunch atheist. While she learned this tradition from her mother when she was very young, she is confident that this tradition has much deeper roots, probably related to those of the Catholic church. She explains how anything that covers the head is a symbol of the individual’s lack of openness with God. By covering his head, the individual,
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Gong 11 No hats - Alex Rios, 19 Student, Colombian...

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