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Gong 17 George Tirebiter

Gong 17 George Tirebiter - Grant Long 18 Student English...

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Grant Long, 18 Student, English and German Languages: English Berkeley, CA 4/14/08 George Tirebiter Some say that a stray dog named George Tirebiter shown in this photograph to the right actually served as a mascot for the University of Southern California. Supposedly discovered by a student on the beach at Santa Monica, George was initially a feeble stray mutt. The student’s mother nursed the poor dog back to health, and in no time it was running around campus with his new friends. The lovable dog gained fame, happily chasing squirrels, licking students, and biting tires of the passing cars. He became so popular that he was actually made a mascot of the university. He showed his true Trojan spirit when he bit UCLA’s mascot Joe Bruin. This feisty trooper heroically gave his life in a tragic encounter with a much larger car. My friend Grant told me that he had learned this story from a USC student tour guide during a visit to the school during the summer. He also remembers his orientation counselor briefly mentioning George as they passed the statue and plaque dedicated to George on the South Samuel Gong, 19 615 W. 36 th St 363A Los Angeles, CA 90007
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