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Scott Sewell Management 301 Manger Interview 1 02 FEB 2008 Interview with a Manager # 1 Recently, I had the pleasure of an enlightening and reinforcing phone interview with Mr. Stephen K. Fries. Mr. Fries is the human relations development manager for Alcoa North American Rolled Products of Lancaster, PA. Mr. Fries is not only a manager for Alcoa in Lancaster, PA, but he is also my professor for Management 331 at Penn State York. Mr. Fries earned his bachelors degree from Pennsylvania State University and later went on to earn his masters degree from Pennsylvania State University. After graduating from Penn State he started work with Alcoa (the company that Alcoa bought out). He started as a customer service representative and was later promoted to product claims manager. After holding the title of product claims manger for period of time, he was then promoted to the position of training manager. From the training manager position, he was promoted to the position of distribution supervisor. Finally he was promoted to his current position, manager of human relations development. As the manager of human relations development, he directly reports to the director of human relations. Alcoa North American Rolled Products Lancaster plant produces high quality aluminum products that are used by many companies, both domestic and international. Alcoa is “A fast and flexible organization with high-quality solutions and superior service, Alcoa North America Rolled Products produces the widest variety of aluminum plate and sheet in the world. We are a leading value-added supplier to the aerospace, automotive, commercial 1
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transportation, building and construction, industrial and packaging and consumer goods markets. Customers worldwide use our cast aluminum plate and wrought aluminum sheet, plate and foil as the foundation for many products that touch your life.” ( As the manager of human relations development, Mr. Fries is responsible for the training and development of the employees and mangers that work at Alcoa’s Lancaster plant; additionally he is also responsible for communicating and interacting with the external environment, on Alcoa’s behalf. The specific areas of the external environment that he is responsible for are: interacting with the community around the Lancaster plant and the media. This communication is vital to the success of Alcoa because the organization relies heavily on inputs from the Lancaster community. The company does not want to be seen in a negative light, as this may cause stiff regulation from local and
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Interview with a Manager - Scott Sewell Management 301...

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