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Gong 20 quingming festival

Gong 20 quingming festival - Stone Chen 78 Retired...

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Stone Chen, 78 Retired Mechanical Engineer, Chinese Languages: English, Chinese Torrance, CA 4/2/08 t t (The Qingming Festival) The Qingming Festival, which when translated literally means “the Clear and Bright Festival,” is a Chinese festival which is marked by a time of remembrance of ancestors. Occurring on the 104 th day after the Winter Solstice, it usually falls around April 5 th on the Gregorian calendar. On this day Chinese families will go out and clean the grave sites of their deceased relatives. They will also frequently burn sacrifices to their ancestors. Common items used are fake money or incense. Food is often left by the grave as well. My grandfather Stone Chen explained the basics of this festival to me when I asked him about traditional Chinese customs. Called the Qingming Festival, this is the day which is dedicated to a family’s ancestors. Qingming is translated as “clear and bright;” while my grandfather is not sure, he speculates that it is related to both the idea of the physical clearing of the graves as well as the psychological refreshing of past memories that one experiences during the course of the day. It is an all day occasion; the family usually starts by eating a brunch which is either cooked or held at a restaurant. If it takes place at a restaurant, it is usually Dim Sum.
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