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Paper 1 Directions

Paper 1 Directions - Paper 1 Directions(25 points For this...

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Paper 1 Directions (25 points) For this paper, I would like you to explore the ideas we have discussed in the beginning of this class. Choose one of the three topics in the social construction of the environment lectures: mountaintop removal, wolf reintroduction, or the spotted owl. As far as content goes, you need to do these things. (4 points for doing each: 20 points) 1. Quickly describe the issue: that is, how many trees are cut down, what environmental problems are caused by this, etc. 2. Explain why it is a sociological issue. 3. Explain why it is a environmental sociological issue. 4. Explain the assumptions, ideologies, and social constructions that are relevant in the case. 5. Explain what type of power is involved, or include a general discussion of how power is relevant in this case. Use at least one theorists ideas explicitly (remember to tell me whose ideas you’re using). Feel free to use outside sources, but you won’t be graded on this; just do it where there is holes in your argument.
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  • Fall '08
  • Yellowstone National Park, Thesis or dissertation, Doctor of Philosophy, sociological issue, environmental sociological issue

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