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Short Paper 2 With the short paper guidelines in mind, describe an environmental organization, and choose an issue that they are advocating for/against. Answer these questions somewhere in the paper (your thesis can answer one of these): 1-What is the organization? Where do they fit within the environmental movement— what kind of group are they? What type of movement organization are they? How big and how old is the group? How much money does it get (what is its revenue?)? Where does this funding come from? Importantly, why does this matter? 2-What is the issue? How does it relate to other issues the group advocates for/against? 3- Why does the organization think this issue is important? 4-What are the sociological/philosophical/historical/ideological roots of the organization’s particular construction /opinion of the problem? How does the groups particular construction of the issue relate to public opinion of it? Use lecture notes and class readings as a basis for your discussion. This is the most important section of the
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