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SOCY 2077--Review Sheet for Exam 1 This sheet is not necessarily exhaustive of all material relevant for exam 1 (especially concerning the articles you read- know the thesis, main argument, and basic conclusions of each of them. Don’t forget about the main points of the book chapters as well), but I will certainly pull some questions directly off of here (as well as a couple from each of our quizzes). This review sheet includes questions you should be able to answer, and issues you need to be able to explain in a sentence or two. I highly recommend studying with a partner/group and talking your way through some of these questions. Feel free to email me if you want other studying tips. 1. Describe sociology. What is it? What does it attempt to describe? 2. Explain what “social facts” and the “sociological imagination” are. Why are they useful? 3. Describe the four basic theoretical orientations 4. Explain how roles and institutions are related (institutions are sets of rules, and we have, as individuals, roles to play within them. Our ability and willingness to obey the rules of our roles, as defined by the institutions, is what perpetuates them. Think about the institution of marriage and the roles of brides, best men, etc., or the institution of higher education and your role as student…) 5. What is an example of a question environmental sociology is well suited to answer? 6. Be able to describe social constructionism
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exam1review - SOCY 2077-Review Sheet for Exam 1 This sheet...

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