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Scott Sewell MNGMT 331.31 Case Study #1 2/27/2008 Case Study #1: Reorganizing Aquarius Advertising Agency I am very pleased that Aquarius Advertising Agency has chosen Penn State Consulting Inc. to evaluate their organization. We recently came into Aquarius Advertising Agency and conducted an evaluation of the company. The proceeding pages will show our findings and suggestions for improvement. After many hours of evaluation at the office of Aquarius Advertising Agency, a few observations were made evident. Penn State Consulting Inc. has found that Aquarius Advertising Agency is a medium sized firm that is trying to create interesting and creative advertising solutions for many business clients. We used the 5 conceptual variables of the contextual dimension of an organization to evaluate Aquarius Advertising Agency. The evaluation of Aquarius’s contextual dimension will allow us to provide a custom plan to reorganize Aquarius Advertising Agency. The 5 Contextual Variables of Aquarius Advertising Agency Size : Aquarius Advertising Agency is a medium sized company. Goals : Aquarius Advertising Agency’s goals include: 1. Providing advertising planning and consulting to its customers. 2. Reorganizing to improve the company’s ability to adapt to the turbulent environment in which it operates. 3. Increasing cooperation and communication among departments and specialists. 1
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Culture : Aquarius Advertising Agency has a culture that supports learning and knowledge sharing. The culture is very informal and allows employees to “Do Their Own Thing”. It is normal for employees to bypass their managers and work directly with the customer. Employees regularly commit the company to a certain path during meetings with clients. Control of the
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mngmt331 - Scott Sewell MNGMT 331.31 Case Study#1 Case...

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