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AP GOVT TEST Nov. 10, 1993 ___________________ Congress and the Presidency NAME 1. All of the following contribute to the success of incumbent members of Congress in election campaigns EXCEPT a. Incumbents usually raise more campaign funds than do their challengers b. Incumbents tend to understand national issues better than do their challengers. c. Incumbents are usually better known to voters than are their challengers. d. Incumbents can use staff to perform services for constituents. e. Incumbents often sit on committees that permit them to serve district interests. 2. The voting patterns of members of Congress correlate most strongly with a. the population density of their districts b. their economic background c. their educational level d. their political party affiliation e. the location of their districts 3. A member of the House of Representatives from Nebraska who wished to be influential within the House itself would most likely seek a place on which of the following committees? a. Agriculture b. District of Columbia c. Public Works and Transportation d. Rules e. Veterans' Affairs 4. Debate of a bill in the House of Representatives under a "closed rule" means that a. the bill can only be amended by section b. debate on the bill will consist of five-minute speeches, pro and con c. only senior member are allowed to participate d. amendments to the bill cannot be offered e. the bill must be approved by two-thirds of the House 5. Which of the following has decreased in Congress over the past 20 years? a. the chances of a member's reelection b. the influence of committee chairs c. the power of subcommittees d. the cost of congressional elections e. the total number of congressional staff employees 6. Invocation of the War Powers Act of 1973 would be most important in determining which of the following?
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a. the nature of the commitment of US troops to a peace- keeping role in Bosnia b. the amount of financial aid to the Bosnians c. the appointment of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff d. the legality of extraditing foreign agents responsible for acts of terrorism against US citizens abroad e. the timing of US-NATO naval maneuvers off the coast of Norway 7. Most of the bills introduced in the House and the Senate are then a. passed by one chamber but not the other b. passed by both chambers but vetoed by the President c. referred to committee by never sent to the full Congress d. voted down during the amendment stage of the floor debate e. killed in the Rules Committee 8. "Pork barrel" legislation helps the reelection chances of a member of Congress because such legislation a. gives the member of Congress national standing and coverage on national television news b. helps earn the member of Congress a reputation for service to his or her district c. attracts campaign contributions from ideological PACs d. prevents other candidates from claiming that the member of Congress is too liberal for that district e. requires the member of Congress to travel extensively
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AP93CONG - APGOVTTESTNov.10,1993 CongressandthePresidency _...

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