96APREV - 1997 AP EXAM REVIEW The work is not yet done. To...

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The work is not yet done. To prepare for the AP on the 13 th , I want to go over these essay-type questions (some of which you have seen before, most of which are old AP questions). As you know, I am not here Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, I will collect from you FOUR outlines. Pick FOUR of these thirty questions and write a good, clear, detailed outline to answer it. Of the FOUR questions you choose, at least two have to be bold- faced questions. This is not busy work . The point of this is to get you to look back through the book through long-forgotten chapters to figure out how to address these broad questions. The reason I want them clear and detailed is so that I can xerox them and hand them out to your classmates, that way you will be contributing four good outlines, but you will get back dozens more to help you study . .. it is like Social Security, a win-win scenario. Also, I will grade these and count it as a test grade (which, quite frankly, some of you need). Therefore, this is NOT a collaborative effort. In other words, the Honor Code applies here. I expect that each outline will take about 35 minutes to do. (Keep in mind, that I also want a case decision from you on Wednesday). I know that the temptation is to slack off now that the weather is nice and all that. But not yet. I guarantee that you can get a 4 or 5 on the AP, but it will take work. There are no short cuts to the American Dream. 1. (Ch 2) The Constitution is based on a particular view of human nature. How did that view influence the structure of the government? How were the weaknesses of human nature exploited to safeguard against abuses of power? 2. (Ch 2). Discuss and analyze the arguments put forth by the Federalists and Anti-Federalists. Explain how their ideas and principles are reflected in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 3. (ch 2) The Constitution cuts back on democracy and curtails the power of the people to influence decisions. Evaluate 4. (ch 3) Analyze the effects of federalism on contemporary policy making in TWO of the following areas. a. civil rights policy
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96APREV - 1997 AP EXAM REVIEW The work is not yet done. To...

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