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Chapter 8 – this is the stuff I want you know in this chapter. Some of I The different nature of presidential and congressional elections. -- what are the advantages of congressional incumbency II Understand the differences between the party-oriented campaigns of the 19th century and the candidate-centered ones of today -- know the major elements of successful campaigning -- Lamar Alexander wants to be President, what does he do? -- differences between primary and general elections -- how does that lead to strategy differences -- role of TV -- scorekeeper/watchdog/gatekeeper -- mirroring or molding public opinion? -- fairness rules -- biased? -- in advertising (creating a theme, negative ads) -- free media/news coverage -- what are some of the ironies at work here --character has emerged as a major issue -- know some examples & implications -- how can a candidate get on TV? -- debates (what is their importance?) III “It is all about money,” some sage man said. Know the role of $ in
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