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1996 AP Govt midterm review questions 1. "Madison's foresaw the dangers of faction in Federalist # 10 but failed to adequately deal with those dangers as evidenced by our current special interest politics." Evaluate 2. The contention that American political parties have been in decline since 1960 is challenged by some scholars who suggest instead that parties are resurgent. Which position do you take? Summarize the arguments that support your position and provide evidence to support your analysis. ('95 AP) 3. "The Founders feared democracy, and as a result they set up a republic which was -- and is -- undemocratic in many ways." Evaluate 4. A democratic government is based on the idea that the will of the people prevails. Does Congress act this way? In answering, consider elections to Congress, how Congress operates, and the factors that influence the voting behavior of members. 5. Advocates of a parliamentary system argue that Congress is inefficient, moves slowly, and develops policies laced with
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96midrev - 1996APGovtmidtermreviewquestions

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