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96AP9I - November13,1996IBLOCK 11multiplechoice.Oneessay...

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AP GOVT TEST – Interest Groups ___________________ November 13, 1996 I BLOCK NAME 11 multiple choice. One essay 1. Which of the following groups would be LEAST likely to maintain a national lobbying organization in Washington, DC? a. environmentalists b. public housing tenants c. nurses d. automobile manufacturers e. automobile assembly-line workers 2. An interest group is most likely to have influence in Congress when the issue at stake 3. What is NOT a reason that Federal Express has been so successful getting its way in Washington? 4. What is typically an issue that motivates “single issue voters” in recent elections? 5. The term “revolving door” in the text refers to a. entry level jobs requiring little experience b. a departing government official joining a firm with which he or she has done business c. lobbyists waiting outside the door to speak to officials d. a circular door that conserves energy by not letting in the cold.
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e. requirements that administrators of cabinet agencies serve very short terms
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