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Heart First organ that begins to function in an embryo. Week 2- forms from the cardiogenic plate…two parallel blood vessels fuse together to form a sac Week 3- begins to pump blood The pericardial cavity and the surface of the heart are both covered with serosa called pericardium The blood flow: body right atrium right ventricle pulmonary trunk Called the pulmonary pump and supplies blood to the capillary beds around the alveoli Then, lungs left atrium left ventricle
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Unformatted text preview: aorta Called the systemic pump and pumps blood to everything else RAT LAB Both ventricles use semilunar valve Papillary muscles prevent the valves from being flipped inside out. The tips of the flaps are anchored to the chordae tendinae. The heart has its own circulatory path to receive its own blood. The coronary sinus collects blood full of CO2 and then flows to the RA. The coronary sinus is an expanded vein on the posterior side...
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