Bever Worksheet 3

Bever Worksheet 3 - Sheet1 Page 1 Steven Acarino Prof Bever...

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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 Steven Acarino Prof. Bever 1825 (Latin America): By 1825 almost all Latin American countries had renounced their allegiance to Spain. Napoleon III: Established the second empire in 1852 with the support of the Bourgeois, his cousin was a direct descendant a Cavour: Camillo Benso, conte di Cavour was the Sardinian prime minister who played a substantial role in uniting Italy. Cavo Bismark: Otto Von Bismark ascended to a high ranking in the Prussian Kingdom. He despised liberals. He supported militar The Industrial Code of 1891: The new imperialism: New imperialism differed from the older styles of colonialism in that religious motives were replaced by Archduke Francis Ferdinand: Archduke Ferdinand was the heir to the Austrian throne was assassinated by a Serbian nationa National Self Determination: Represents the formation of national governments by a group or minority of people who view the Lenin: Lenin was one of the prime revolutionary figures in the Russian revolution, He became head of the Soviet Union after Hitler: The leader of the NAZI party and eventually Germany. He was born in Austria but was a ardent German nationalist. World War II: World War II was the deadliest confrontation in human history. The events that led to WWII was the war guilt fo Roosevelt: US president Franklin Delano Roosevelt oversaw the introduction of his New Deal programs to ease the effects o The Marshall Plan: The Marshall Plan was related to the policy of containment. The Marshall Plan stated initiative was to prov The Cold War: The Cold War was an indirect conflict between the two remaining world super powers after World War II, whic...
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Bever Worksheet 3 - Sheet1 Page 1 Steven Acarino Prof Bever...

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