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20 th CENTURY CHINA – CHRONOLOGICAL OVERVIEW 221 BC - 1911 CE IMPERIAL CHINA 1911 Emperor of the Qing dynasty abdicates 1912-1949 REPUBLIC OF CHINA (RoC – mainland China) 1914 Nationalist Party [=Guomindang/ GMD/ KMT] established US-China relations – trade w/ RoC; strategic allies till 1949 1916-26 Warlord era 1921 Chinese Communist Party [CCP] established 1926-27 - “Northern Expedition”: GMD+CCP United Front vs Warlords 1927-1937 “Nanjing Decade” – GMD rule from Nanjing GMD vs CCP “Bandits” 1937-1945 WW2 : GMD+CCP United Front vs Japan 1945-1949 Civil War – GMD vs CCP 1949 GMD/Chiang Kai-shek move RoC govt Taiwan 1949-present PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA (PRC mainland China) 1949 Chinese Communist Party begins its rule over mainland, from Beijing US-China Relations: US recognizes only RoC, in Taiwan – not PRC 1949-1976 MAO Era 1958-60 “Great Leap Forward” – collectivization ; state-led initiatives 1966-76 CULTURAL REVOLUTION 1966-72 -- Mao cult; radicalism; anti-Confucian iconoclasm; schools closed;
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