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Standard Periodization of Chinese History for students in Modern China course 7000 BCE – 1766 BCE PRE-HISTORIC CHINA Neolithic cultures 7000 BCE on Mythic sage kings & “Xia” dynasty 2852-1115 BCE 1766 BCE - 221 BCE CHINA IN ANTIQUITY 221 BCE - 1911 CE IMPERIAL CHINA Early dynasties Qin & Han (1 st Qin Emperor “Shi Huangdi" -- unified China) Middle-late dynasties 3 Kingdoms, Sui, Tang, Song Late imperial dynasties Yuan, Ming, Qing Ming 1368-1644 Qing 1644-1911 -- capital in Beijing Kangxi Emperor -- r. 1661-1722
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Unformatted text preview: Qianlong Emperor -- r. 1736-1795 Opium War 1839-1842 1912 - present POST-IMPERIAL CHINA 1912- Republic of China Warlord Period 1916-1926 Nanjing period 1927-37 Wartime (WW2 + civil war) 1937-49 Republic of China Taiwan 1949 “Taiwan national independence” issue 1990s-1949-People’s Republic of China (mainland) “Great Leap Forward” 1958-61 Cultural Revolution; isolationism 1966-76 “Post-Mao era” 1976-Economic reforms, privatization, globalization 1980s-present...
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