Quiz4_090108ans - QUIZ 4 Chemistry 102 version 09—4 6...

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Unformatted text preview: QUIZ 4, Chemistry 102, version 09—4)} 6 problems, 25 pts total, ~4 pts/problem For each question, select the best answer. Please remember to put answers on the bubble sheet. 1) The nanoparticles in test tube 1 and 2 are made of the same material. What can you tell about the band gap in these two systems? — Surface atoms to Bulk atoms ratio emetiwe’ whim m- igag . a) Particles in test tube 1 have a greater band ga than those in test tu fig 3; W [gm g, Particles in test tube 2 have a greater band gap than those in test tube 1 c) The two sets of particles have the same band gap d) Band gap depends on the temperature 2) What is the most liker monomer(s) for the following polymer? 4) 5) How would you classify material A and B based on the table below? Material A Conductivity Material B Conductivity 40 x10“ S/m 70 X 103 S/m ' 65 x 103 S/m a) Material A = semi-conductor, Materlal B = insulator b) Material A = metal, Material B x semi-conductor @Material A = semi-conductor, Material B : metal (1) Both metal 6) Both semi-conductor Material J is a p-type semi—conductor and material L is an n—type semi-conductor. Which following arrangements will give a working diode? 6) fl Vi Material J = {if} e) Not enough information given Which of the following would NOT be a property/'characteristic of a molecule that displays liquid crystalline behavior? _ __ Rod shaped flexibility ' Aromatic rings d) Structural rigidity e) sp2 hybridization on most atoms 6) The Meissner effect could explain which of the following phenomena? 21) Quantum dot fluorescence in) The ability to image single atoms 0) The ability of fibers to stop bullets d The color changes in nanopartieles } he ability to levitate trains ...
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Quiz4_090108ans - QUIZ 4 Chemistry 102 version 09—4 6...

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